What is the Mission?

A fully customizable individual and organizational resilience program for building personal and team resilience.

The Resilience Toolkit coaching program is designed using evidence-based learning from neuroscience, performance, and positive psychology to help people build their resilience to bounce “forward” from adversity. The brain based practical applications that are learned and applied during the coaching process give clients the ability to use these tools when challenges arise. The philosophy of this program is to prepare, build and maintain existing resilience in preparation for what’s ahead. I want to help you have the vision, resources, and skills to recover and keep moving. Not only surviving but thriving!

The Resilience Toolkit is a coaching program for reducing stress and growing resilience in individuals, teams, and organizations.  Preventative programs like this one will help with the growing cost of mental health, absenteeism, stress leave and burnout. The program helps you identify and develop your new skills into deep, lasting habits that effect powerful transformation over time. 

The Resilience Toolkit program provides a framework for identifying when stress is harmful or helpful along with optimally managing nervous system regulation. These scientifically supported methods help clients effect real positive change and more importantly sustainability personally and professionally. Through the variety of backgrounds and lived experiences of my clients I have seen first-hand what builds resilience. This has allowed me to carefully curate the  key aspects of building resilience which utilizes cutting edge practices that show significant measurable benefits. 

What is in the Toolkit for you?

Individual Resilience

  • To restore resources
  • To build key skillsets 
  • Maintain focus on key goals
  • Build new awareness
  • Support openness to choices
  • Determine new action

team Resilience

  • Building the 3 C’s – Connection, Communication and Cohesion
  • Support positive business relationships
  • Help team focus on attaining the vision
  • Improve capabilities and performance
  • Build trust, mutual respect, and communication skills
  • Identify commonalities and synergies within the team

Organizational Resilience

  • Promoting a psychologically healthy workplace
  • Address the unique challenges and needs of your organization
  • Work life balance 
  • Develop an organizational culture that supports wellness
  • Prevention through stress management

Resilient Leadership

  • Support clients to lead and to support others effectively
  • Help leaders learn and implement self-leadership concepts
  • Promote balancing the bottom line with realistic productivity expectations
  • Support managing people respectfully 
  • Supporting employee sustainability through resiliency 

The Process

  1. Assessments and Inventories – Where are we at?
  2. Goalsetting and creating the vision – Where are we going?
  3. Learning and Implementing – How are we getting there?
  4. Follow up and Support – How will we know when we have arrived?

What you can expect

  • Dedicated one-on-one weekly or biweekly coaching for 6-12 months
  • Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes 
  • Clients can expect goal setting, tracking support, and follow-up
  • Client session will be managed with confidentiality and ethical rigor 
  • A respectful environment with personal accountability for development
  • Clients can feel the competitive edge of building and maintaining personal and professional resilience 
  • Coaching can be provided to accommodate international clients and different time zones

The Outcome

My unique custom coaching process allows you to gain a better understanding of the resilience strengths and risks that you are starting with. Through powerful conversations and collaboration, we will work together to create a toolkit that will build a lasting resilient mindset.