At the Centre for Resilience MY MISSION is to help you bounce back stronger than ever before. You have taken the first very important step to be here.  The journey to transformation and positive change begins with the decision to invest in yourself, leadership team and organization.

My approach to building resilience:

Individual Resilience

Our resilience as individuals is to identify and focus on what matters most; to replenish the resources that empower us and build the skillset and capacity to keep bouncing not only back but forward. Our current situation asks us to cope with adversity made even more difficult with the pandemic. I specialize in helping you change your mindset to respond differently to life’s ups and downs. Together we can improve personal and business performance by using you own unique strengths to build a resilience tool kit.  Tools such as growth mindset, mindfulness, and positive based neuroplasticity can help “rewire” your brain and unlock your full potential. 

Team Resilience

Teams learn to use both their individual and combined resources to thrive and positively adapt when experiencing adversity. Team resilience is built on key elements such as team structure, social capital, collective agency, and competence. I work with teams to build resilience by creating more self-awareness, connectedness, and skills to work together with respect and positivity. I lead teams through a series of open conversations that identify goals and opportunities for new knowledge and important shifts in mindset.

Organizational Resilience

It has never been more important for businesses to navigate global uncertainty and sharpen their approach to employee wellbeing. The readiness to return to work needs to be supported as we set a steady course to return to the new normal. A strong resilience strategy supports the goals of productivity, motivation, and sustained growth through investing in employees and a healthy bottom line. I help organizations gain vital understanding where they should take positive steps to support and empower their employees. I want to help organizations ask the question “what can we do to redesign the workplace to create a more positive environment for supporting physical and mental health?”

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The Coaching Process

Chemistry is vital in establishing a successful coaching relationship.  Having an initial conversation is the first step in seeing if there is a good fit. From there the coaching relationship is one built on openness, trust and flexibility. 

My resilience coaching success factors:


Together we will gain clarity on the vision that you want for yourself and build the life you want to live, not only surviving but thriving. Resilience coaching provides opportunities to create new ways of thinking and increased self-awareness that results in positive action and real change. Throughout our work together we will review progress against the initial goals we set together. 


Together we will understand your purpose through connecting with your values. My resilience coaching process is strength based so we are always looking to uncover the resilience that already exists and build on it. The understanding of what you already have mastered serves to move you into a place of confidence, certainty, and meaningfulness.


Together we will explore the key areas of physical, emotional, and psychological safety. When they are in place, real productivity and creativity become possible.  Highlighting these areas can bring back hope and joy and show you where you could be stuck.  Understanding where you need to move and take action is key in knowing where to put your energy.  


Together we will work to further develop specific goals around improving leadership capabilities, capacity, and effective approaches to dealing with challenges.  It is our response to challenges that control how they affect us not the challenges themselves.  This paradigm shift can result in a powerful transformation personally and professionally. 

My Commitment to YOU and YOUR team

  • As your coach I am committed to building a positive, outcome-focused relationship.
  • As your coach I am committed in supporting you to create a growth mindset that improves your peak performance over the long term.
  • As your coach I am committed to helping you restore hope and possibility that will allow you to reach your full potential.