Much like the crocus, resiliency is part of the success of making it through those hard winters of life.

Resilient Me

Create your personal model of resilience and learn tips and techniques on how to strengthen resilience against the challenges of  life; identifying negative core beliefs; building better communication; coping with the causes of stress; and developing mindfulness skills.


Resilient We

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. It is how you come back from these negative events that is important for the health of the relationship. Discovering how your individual communication style contributes to your relationship can be very impactful.  It is never too early to start making your relationship more resilient. The advantages are better connections with your partner that can restore and transform your love and passion for one another.


Resilient Living

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Stress is an aspect of our lives that is only increasing with people facing financial insecurity, multi-tasking and longer work hours. There are many ways that you can support yourself mentally and physically that can help protect you from the ravages of your busy life. The key is to have these techniques front and centre and ready to go! With a little encouragement a mindfulness, meditation or yoga practice for example can go a long way in putting the “zen” back in your life!



Resilience at Work

Change. People love it or hate it. It is present in every aspect of our lives. In the workplace, there is good change (think promotions and pay raises)! Unfortunately, in these challenging economic times there can also be the fast moving, seemingly chaotic change that leaves us feeling unbalanced and overwhelmed. A key to navigating this kind of change successfully is to adapt to it in a way that leaves you optimistic and energized rather than discouraged and unproductive. I am committed to helping you and your team with strategies to restore your personal sense of balance and focus through these turbulent times. There are proven behaviours that you can implement to increase your personal resilience in the workplace, as an individual and as a team. My resilience workshops are uniquely designed to help you refocus your team, improve their positivity and productivity!