How I Work

What is resilience? It is the ability to bounce back from life’s stress and challenges.

But it doesn’t just stop there…it is also the ability to come back from these challenges a little stronger and wiser than before.

I believe each of us has a unique toolkit that holds the skills and abilities to overcome our obstacles; sometimes we need a little help remembering and discovering what they are.


What is it that makes some people crumble in the face of adversity and others seemingly flourish? There are people among us that have traits and characteristics that enable them to not only weather the storm but also sail the seas afterward even stronger than before.

I believe that resilient people navigate life’s twists and turns and possess certain traits and attitudes that let them pick themselves up and keep going through life feeling less burdened then others.


Traits like positivity and social engagement have been researched to contribute to how well we can cope with things like job stress, illness, grief, and relationship issues. I strive to provide a confidential therapeutic relationship that is both safe and supportive, where you can feel free to discuss your struggles as well as your strengths.

I am deeply committed to helping you develop the tools you need to address your difficulties and better understand yourself and finally, to live a more fulfilling life.

Where are you in your own personal journey with resilience? How do you deal with setbacks and adversities? What are your coping strategies to get through tough times?